The Old Brule School is like no other haunted attraction in Nebraska or the whole United States.

The Old Brule School is like no other haunted attraction in Nebraska or the whole United States.

There are a wealth of haunted houses in Denver, CO…so many that it’s hard to decide which one to go to each year. Indeed, if you’re planning to do a Halloween outing to a haunted house Denver is a great place to be. But there’s a lot of repetition in the haunted house industry there too. If you’ve done the full circuit of haunted attractions in Denver and you’re ready for something different, consider a road trip to a small town in western Nebraska.

Urban haunted houses, like the ones in Denver are spectacular, it’s true. A lot of them make use of sophisticated special effects and let’s face it, there are a LOT of them to choose from. So why would you get in the car and go all the way to Nebraska to see a haunted attraction there? Because no matter where you go in Denver, you’re still in the city, and there’s something really spooky…truly spooky about heading out into the Desolate but Wild West. Denver patrons don’t know what to expect when they pull into our small town. Haunted houses in Denver all have certain things in common, but Nebraska is an entirely different beast.

School District 13 Haunted Attraction in Brule is an entire town that’s haunted. There are 5 haunted houses throughout town including a haunted corn maze, a haunted bus ride, hay rack ride, and haunted streets to meander through on an epic Halloween adventure. This couldn’t be done in Denver. The city is too big and too bright. There’s just too much going on in an urban environment. The lines leading up to the haunts are so long that haunted houses in Denver have to hire entertainers to keep the people who’re waiting happy.  But Brule is a tiny town (population 400); a place where most of the residents are mostly farmers or cowboys. Nearby Ogallala, home of Lake McConaughy, is a familiar tourist town where wild brothels and bars were once the main reason why cattle drivers stopped here on their way north along unpaved trails in the early days of settlement. We breed a different type of zombie here at School District 13 and our haunting methods are different too.


And as an avid traveler myself, I also recommend road trips to people who’ve seen it all. A Halloween road trip can yield some unexpected results, which is, of course, always the goal of travel. When you leave the safe confines of the city and head east toward Nebraska, it’s hard to predict what’ll happen. And while a trip all the way from Denver to Brule will probably take only around 3 hours at 75 mph along the interstate, a trip from one Denver haunted house to another is likely to take an hour or more because of traffic. We have 5 haunts in one location in Brule and a whole night of Halloween activities to keep you occupied while you’re here.


So if you’re tired of the urban haunt experience and you’d like to see something more raw, we’d like to have you at School District 13 Haunted Attraction in Nebraska. Consider the road trip part of your adventure and you’ll have a great recipe for Halloween vacations that’ll keep you occupied for years to come.