There are lots of fun places to go for Halloween in Nebraska, but one of the most unique haunted attractions is School District 13 in Brule where the whole town is haunted for several days each year!

There are lots of fun places to go for Halloween, but one of the most unique haunted attractions is School District 13 in Brule, Nebraska where the whole town is haunted (the streets, five haunted attractions, a bus and a hay rack ride) for several days each year!

As a service to our patrons who enjoy a good scare, we decided to offer up a list of the most haunted places in Nebraska that are located along I-80, the major roadway linking School District 13 Haunted Attraction to everywhere else in the USA. It doesn’t matter whether you’re coming from Scottsbluff, NE in the panhandle or the far eastern side of the state in Omaha or Lincoln, NE, you can use this list to plan an epic Halloween road trip that will include not only School District 13 and our haunted town (Brule), but also some real haunted locations with real ghosts along your journey.


We’ll start this list and move from east to west across Nebraska, but you could flip the list around and travel across the state in the opposite direction to visit the haunted places in Nebraska, if you live further west. If you have a few extra days to do a full Halloween celebration while traveling, consider adding in a few Nebraska corn mazes and pumpkin patches as you make your way across the state to really get the full experience of Halloween in America. The only haunted hotel along I-80 in Nebraska is the Hamilton Motor Inn in Aurora. If possible, make an overnight stop that includes this location. We want you to make the most of these Halloween weekend getaways!


Just beyond the far eastern edge of Nebraska are some haunted places in Iowa to whet your paranormal palate for the 4 ½ hour trip across Nebraska to School District 13 Haunted Attraction. On the second day of your Halloween road trip, get on I-80 and start heading west in the morning so that you can hit several haunted places in Nebraska before twilight when School District 13 opens. Plan to spend several hours at School District 13 before heading to a hotel in the area. Be sure that you read through the list of options below to decide which haunted places you’d like to see along the I-80 route and allow at least 45 minutes to an hour for each location that you stop at.



General Dodge House – Council Bluffs, IA

Since Council Bluffs, Iowa is so close to Omaha, NE and Omaha is the starting block for a lot of our most ambitious School District 13 patrons, we wanted to include haunted places in Council Bluffs to add more paranormal possibilities to your Halloween road trip. The General Dodge House is one of the most haunted places in Iowa where people have a variety of sensory experiences ranging from the sounds of disembodied voices to strange light anomalies and smells.


Squirrel Cage – Council Bluffs, IA

P.R.I.S.M., an Omaha paranormal research group, investigated this location, a former jail (closed since 1969), where four people died. The site is purportedly haunted by a former jailer. It is considered one of the most haunted places in Council Bluffs, Iowa and a great place to start Halloween vacations and road trips headed along I-80 to School District 13 in Brule, NE.


Mystery Manor – Omaha, NE

Mystery Manor is one of the must-see haunted houses in Omaha for Halloween trips headed east. Not only is this haunted attraction one of the most theatrical and technologically sophisticated in the state, but it’s also the site of an old brothel, and later an abandoned place where homeless people lived. Needless to say, there’s plenty of paranormal activity there. If you live in Omaha or if you’re just passing through a on your way to School District 13 Haunted Attraction, visit Mystery Manor the night before you plan to travel I-80 to Brule. Then, consider eating dinner at Brother Sebastion’s, another of the haunted places in Nebraska that you won’t want to miss.


Brother Sebastian’s – Omaha, NE

Brother Sebastian’s is a steakhouse and winery located in a strip mall, which makes it a perfect stop for people on Halloween vacations taking them across the state of Nebraska. In terms of haunted houses in Omaha, Nebraska, Brother Sebastian’s is ideal because it’s easy to gain access to it (simply by going there and buying some food). Again, for folks who are traveling across the state to School District 13 Haunted Attraction, we recommend visiting this location in tandem with Mystery Manor and the Squirrel Cage or the General Dodge House in nearby Council Bluffs where paranormal activity is regularly reported.


The paranormal activity at Brother Sebastian’s is said to be due to a regular named “Bill Wolcott” who used to visit in a formal smoking jacket and an ascot tie. Eventually Wolcott got cancer and died, but even while he was on his death bed, he still bought his meals from the restaurant every day and the kitchen would puree the food for him. He had a strange dedication to the restaurant and many of the employees at the restaurant still say that Wolcott visits every night. Candles that are unlit at night are lit in the morning when staff arrives. Doors open and close on their own. And in 1996, there was a fire in the building.


State Capitol Building – Lincoln, NE

The State Capitol Building in Lincoln is one of the most famous haunted places in Nebraska and you can easily visit and explore the building as long as you plan your Halloween weekend getaway for a time when the State Capitol will be open. The State Capitol is an excellent stop-over on a trip west to School District 13 Haunted Attraction because it’s not only haunted but also historical.


At least one tragic event is rumored to have happened here. Some sources say that a maintenance man fell to his death while changing a light bulb, while other sources say that a visitor became dizzy and plummeted off a balcony and died. Either way, people report seeing dark shadows on the stairs as well as disembodied voices and footsteps.


Antelope Park – Lincoln, NE

Antelope Park is one of those haunted places in Nebraska that’s really well known to the locals. It’s the largest park in Lincoln, located between 23rd and 33rd and Sheridan Boulevard. If you’re traveling with kids (or even if you’re not), and you’d like a little bit of laid-back fun with your ghost-hunting in Antelope Park, consider visiting the Folsom Children’s Zoo (located inside Antelope Park) for their annual Boo-at-the-Zoo event. Boo-at-the-Zoo is an evening event so you’ll want to plan to do it the night before your trip to School District 13 if have time in your schedule to do so.


Many people have reported seeing apparitions at Antelope park, particularly in the are behind the caretaker’s house near the memorial. At least one person committed suicide in the park. It’s not easy to find haunted houses in Lincoln, NE, but this haunted park is really accessible and extremely haunted. You can even visit Antelope Park during the day on your way to School District 13. It’s a well-known haunt in the area so you won’t be disappointed!




Hamilton Motor Inn – Aurora, Nebraska

There are only two well-known haunted hotels in Nebraska that we were able to find in our research: the Argo Hotel and the Hamilton Motor Inn in Aurora, Nebraska. If you’re looking for October vacation ideas in Nebraska and you’re planning to travel along I-80, consider spending the night at the Hamilton Motor Inn at 3115 S. 16th Street  where the apparition of a medicine man or an Indian Chief (depending on who you talk to) makes an appearance. This haunted hotel was actually exorcised to get rid of the medicine man, but when we visited this location, we still captured a larger-than-normal-number of photographic anomalies…


Aurora is located about 3 hours from School District 13 Haunted Attraction along I-80.


The Aurora Courthouse – Aurora, Nebraska

The Aurora Courthouse is one of the more accessible haunted places in Nebraska, at least during the daytime. If you don’t plan to spend the night at the Hamilton Motor Inn on your way to School District 13 you can still stop in to see the Aurora Courthouse which is said to be haunted by a ghost that can occasionally be seen at night through an upstairs window according to some locals.


World Theater – Kearney, NE

The World Theater in Kearney hosts a candlelight ghost tour each year for paranormal enthusiasts and if you can time your Halloween road trip to School District 13 Haunted Attraction so that you can visit both our haunted town in Brule as well as do the World Theater Ghost Tour in Kearney, this would be ideal.


The World Theatre puts on one of the only haunted houses in Kearney, a fundraiser, but if you can’t make it to the haunted house or the candlelight ghost tour, maybe consider just going to a movie in one of the few haunted houses in Kearney Nebraska (it’s not really a “house” but you get the idea). It’s affordable entertainment and it would make an excellent stop for travelers hoping to see Halloween places in Nebraska.


Lexington Middle School – Lexington, NE

Though you won’t be able to go inside this location on your way west to School District 13, but you can make a stop at one of the more controversial haunted places in Nebraska: the Lexington Middle School. Be sure to read this article first though. It details the controversy which has to do with a girl named Mildred Sorenson who was a student at Lexington Middle School in 1927. Mildred was a member of Girl Scouts and one night, she and some friends saw the flag flying on the school, which was considered “improper”. So, in an effort to be patriotic, Mildred tried to take the flag down. She almost succeeded at the task, but as she was climbing down from the building, she lost her footing and fell 40 feet, cracking her skull and some ribs. She died a few hours later in the teacher’s lounge. There is a plaque on the outside of the school building that commemorates Mildred Sorenson and her bravery.


In folklore and urban legend, the story of Mildred Sorenson has been retold again and again in stories across the Midwest, which makes the Lexington Middle School an anthropological gem. Many schools in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Kansas report that there is room that’s haunted by someone who fell from a high place onto a flag pole or some other sharp object. This is Mildred’s legacy. If you’d like to see where these stories originate, consider a trip to Lexington, NE.


There may not be any Lexington haunted houses or haunted houses in Kearney that you can visit and again, you can’t go inside the Lexington Middle School, but you can look for the plaque that commemorates Mildred if you’re on a Halloween road trip to School District 13 in Brule, NE. Just be respectful if you plan to visit this location and don’t tell any ghost stories to little kids while you’re visiting haunted places in Lexington, NE.


Willow Island Road – Between Cozad and Gothenburg

We looked for a Cozad haunted house, but alas, there were none. So then we looked for a Gothenburg haunted house for our School District 13 patrons who are dutifully traveling across the state. Still…we found nothing…So we asked some locals in the area if they knew of any haunted places in Cozad or Gothenburg and they clued us in to a place called “Willow Island Road”.


Willow Island is an unincorporated community located between Cozad and Gothenburg. Willow Island Road is an isolated and meandering gravel road located just outside of town. Locals told us that there had been some bodies dumped out there and the apparition of a woman had been seen walking along the road. It may take a little time to find Willow Island Road. Ask for directions if you can’t find it.


Neville Center/North Platte Community Playhouse – North Platte, NE

The North Platte Playhouse is one of the most haunted places in North Platte. It isn’t the most accessible haunt, but you could easily get a peek inside if you can time one of your Halloween trips (either on your way to School District 13 Haunted Attraction or on your way back home) across the state to coincide with one of their theatrical productions. HINT: Most of the paranormal activity is said to happen in the balcony.



Buffalo Bill Cody’s House – North Platte, NE

The Buffalo Bill Cody House is indeed haunted, but we can’t tell you who told us (it’s a secret because Nebraskans don’t talk openly about things like ghosts). Located at 2921 Scouts Rest Ranch Road the Buffalo Bill Cody House is one of the most well-known haunted houses in North Platte, NE. Be sure to call ahead and check with someone about the hours of operation (call 308-535-8035) because they aren’t posted online. Even if the Buffalo Bill Cody House isn’t open, you could still stop by and see the house from the outside.


Folks who are intimate with the Buffalo Bill Cody House told us that this historical location is indeed host to ghostly visitors. We spoke with some very upstanding citizens who reported that the sound of voices can sometimes be heard when no one is there and sometimes the drawers and cupboards are found hanging open for no apparent reason and with no explanation.


Mansion on the Hill- Ogallala, NE

In Ogallala, NE Mansion on the Hill is an authentic Victorian home that was contracted by a man name L.A. Brandhoefer to be built for his sweetheart. Unfortunately, she dumped him and married another man while he was away, which is perhaps why the Mansion on the Hill became one of the most well-known haunted places in Nebraska, particularly this end of the state.


The Mansion on the Hill is only about 7 minutes from School District 13 Haunted Attraction in Brule, NE. Though you may not be able to see inside this location at night, you’re in luck because the paranormal activity at this Ogallala haunted house can be seen from outside. When we visited the Mansion on the Hill, we took photos with some large orbs and anomalies while other people have reported seeing lights turned on in an upstairs window late at night when no one is there. Employees have also reported seeing shadow-figures in the hallways of the Mansion on the Hill.


Boot Hill – Ogallala, NE

The Mansion on the Hill is located just a few blocks from Boot Hill and only about 7 minutes from School District 13 Haunted Attraction in Brule, Nebraska. Boot Hill is a cemetery of real wild west cowboys, most of whom were buried with their boots on—thus the name– their bodies placed roughly in canvas sacks. The graves here are shallow, there are about 48 of them, and they’re marked with wooden “tombstones”. You can reach Boot Hill by going up a short flight of stairs on the side of the Hill. Look for the marker at the bottom of the hill that will indicate that you’re in the right place.